Live Harp & Yoga

The best yoga class I have ever taught”

— Effie Love- Yoga Teacher & Director of About Balance

"Tracy Jane has a very intuitive ability to structure her beautiful harp playing with the class flow and content. The meditative sound contributed to the pace and delivery of my teaching, it resulted with a hypnotic, blissful experience of Yoga. Unity Partner Yoga works so well with Tracy-Jane's skillful playing and her personal presence also contributes to the overall peace and tranquility of the session. Thankyou! The students loved it and I would definitely love to collaborate with you again" ”

— Sevanti- Unity Partner Yoga

Why have live harp during a yoga class?

  • It's a unique experience to experience live music during a yoga class
  • Live harp music is healing. There is much clinical evidence and research to support this
  • Harp + Yoga = double the benefits. The healing benefits of harp and yoga combined makes a potentially powerful practice 
  • Increases focus and relaxation in postures. The pure timbre of the harp naturally encourages a sense of calm & well-being
  • ​A once in a lifetime opportunity. Most people never get to see or hear a harp in real life
  • Aurally enchanting. The harp is a pleasure to listen to

Why am I offering live harp for yoga classes?

I am as passionate about practicing yoga as I am about playing harp. So, after discovering clinical studies demonstrating that live harp - like yoga -  can bring about deep healing on a physical and spiritual level, combining the two seemed like a natural progression to me. In fact, I am so convinced by it's healing potential that it has become my absolute life mission to bring this powerful synergistic blend to as many people as I can. 

I want to help people to feel the best they can. Healthy. Happy. Healed. Nurtured. Connected. Yoga can do this. So can harp. However, I believe they can do it better together.

Where can you find a yoga class where I am playing harp?
I am currently working with some amazing yoga teachers who I have the upmost respect and admiration for. All of the teachers I work with are deeply authentic and are passionate about their craft. See the events below for our up and coming workshops and classes.

Are you a yoga teacher who is interested in introducing live harp into your classes?
I love collaborating with different yoga teachers and collaborating on bespoke workshops to suit their individual teaching styles and interests. Get in touch today and I am more than happy to explore options with you. Tel- 07915922585