Short Bio

Over the last 25 years, my career as singer and songwriter has taken me on countless adventures across the globe and provided me with many opportunities to record and perform with established talents such as Geoffrey Richardson (Penguin Café Orchestra), Martin Elliott (Michael Nyman), Ted Barnes (Beth Orton) and Mad Professor.

However, my biggest and best adventure yet, is the one you will find me on today with my harp and my breath.

For several years I was very fortunate to study with world harpist and music coach Dr Diana Rowan. As the founder of both ‘Bright Knowledge Music Academy’ and ‘Sage Harpists’ - an organisation providing accomplished and professional harpists to play healing harp in medical establishments - Diana generously shared with me her huge wealth of experience and vast knowledge of the harp; helping me to discover my own creative voice, connect more powerfully with my harp and bring a deeper joy to those I share it with. Another huge influence has been Deborah Henson Conant whose effervescent energy as a world class performer, writer and teacher drew out my sassier side on the harp!

Such valued guidance from world class mentors led me to become a strong improvisational performer. As a yoga and wellbeing harpist I worked with many yoga teachers and therapists bringing live, bespoke harp music to yoga classes and therapy sessions around the world.

However, little did I know even more was to come! Enchanted by its sheer simplicity and deeply inspired by its ability to transform lives I began to discover the power of the breath by studying with international Breath coach Max Strom. My passion for 'the breath' grew stronger and led to more studies and qualifying as a YTC Breathing Instructor with YOGABODY (Lucas Rockwood) Ive also trained as an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor with Patrick McKeown - one of the world’s leading breathing re-education experts – and continue to hone the art and science of breathwork under the guidance of internationally renowned breathwork pioneer - Dan Brulé


So, as you may have guessed, I'm pretty darn passionate about music and yoga and the power of breath. My mission is to help people feel healthy, happy, healed and connected. Yoga can do this. Breath can do this and so can live harp music. However, I believe they do it better together.