Short Bio

Over the last 25 years, my career as singer and songwriter has taken me on countless adventures across the globe and provided me with many opportunities to record and perform with established talents such as Geoffrey Richardson (Penguin Café Orchestra), Martin Elliott (Michael Nyman), Ted Barnes (Beth Orton) and Mad Professor.

However, my biggest and best adventure yet, is the one you will find me on today with my harp.

For several years now, I have been very fortunate to study with world harpist and music coach Dr Diana Rowan. As the founder of both ‘Bright Knowledge Music Academy’ and ‘Sage Harpists’ - an organisation providing accomplished and professional harpists to play healing harp in medical establishments - Diana has generously shared with me her huge wealth of experience and vast knowledge of the harp; helping me to discover my own creative voice, connect more powerfully with my harp and bring a deeper joy to those I share it with.

Now, each time I play, I use this ability to connect and draw upon my Celtic, African and Middle Eastern influences to create beautiful resonant ‘harpscapes’ unique to each occasion.

As well as playing at many weddings, concerts and events - often based in nature - my harp and I have provided relaxation and yoga sessions for children with severe learning disabilities, pregnant women, women with breast cancer and both men and women who suffer from anxiety and insomnia. I have also had the honour of playing therapeutically for patients in a variety of medical facilities and playing harp during guided meditations and a variety of holistic therapies .