Beat Workplace Stress With One Simple Breath! 

Breathwork - Science - Music

Date - 16th August 2021 Time - 7.45pm - 9pm BST

Join Breath Coach and Musician TJ Sullivan for a FREE masterclass on how to beat workplace stress in one simple breath!   

As well as sharing THE FASTEST STRESS BUSTING TOOL IN THE WORLD she will also :  

  • Lead you through a beautiful live harp breath meditation   
  • Help you understand why you should give a shit about breathwork   
  • Share another fabulous technique to help anxiety  
  • Explain  what breathwork is and why breathwork can help you breathe into vitality and navigate stress better at work  

You’ll leave this Masterclass feeling wiser, calmer and with simple science based tools and knowledge to help you turn down the dial on stress at work.

Why join this free Breathwork Masterclass?  

Yup, that’s right. Beat Workplace Stress With One Simple Breath! Think that sounds like a load of old bollox?  Well, I’m delighted to tell you it’s not So come along and try it for yourself;I can’t wait to share this tool with you!  

In this 1 hr FREE  Masterclass I will teach you the FASTEST way, a breath pattern based on physiology and neuroscience, to push back on your stress in REAL TIME.   

Why? Well, let’s face it, it’s not always convenient to go grab your yoga mat mid Zoom meeting and take a child pose or indulge in a bit of yummy ole of yoga nidra!   

We all need tools that we can rely on to calm us down in the moment. Tools we can do anywhere and anytime.  

And although a yoga and meditation practice, or getting a massage or hanging out at the sauna are valuable ways to keep your relaxation compass pointing in the right direction, there’s nothing like knowing how to tap into your physiology and neurology to activate calm in your body.  

When your body is calm, you feel more grounded and more able to respond to situations rather than adapt.  

This Breathwork Master Class is for you if you: 

  • Sometimes feel stressed or anxious at work   
  • Have never done breathwork or have done some breathwork before   
  • Are interested in knowing more about breathwork and how it can help you feel calmer and perform better at work   
  • Want to learn stress reducing tools based in science that actually work  

Who is your host and breath coach TJ Sullivan?    

I’m Tracy Jane Sullivan and I’m a Musician, Yogabody Breathing Coach, Team Member of the Breath Coaching Federation and Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor.    

I help creative professionals use what’s under their nose - their breath - to get what they want: more energy, focus, and confidence.      

So you work smarter, not harder, and have the breathing space to do the things you really love.    

My real job is to show you how to harness the power of inhales and exhales to make instant AND lasting changes in your life.