Craniosacral Therapy + Harp = wellbeing and joy

Can Craniosacral therapy and live harp music help you?

Are you stressed, anxious, tired or in pain?   

Do you need a bit of TLC or some support right now?  

Would you like to lie down, release some pressure and bring harmony to your mind and body?

If the answer is yes then I would like to offer you all an opportunity to experience a bespoke therapy session, like no other currently on the market in East Sussex, within holistic health. 

Craniosacral therapy and live harp music. 

Treatments last for 1hr and take place in the beautiful setting of a 17th century cottage (see photo above), in Lewes.
Join experienced therapist Caz MacDonagh and myself (harpist- Tracy Jane Sullivan) for a blissful hour long treatment within the calm and serene setting of a 17th century cottage in the heart of Lewes. Highly regarded as being beneficial for both the body and mind, craniosacral therapy combined with harp opens up the opportunity for even deeper healing, rejuvenation and relaxation.

See below for just some of the benefits of both craniosacral therapy and live harp music.

Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy and Live Harp music

Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle but powerful treatment and can help:

  • reunite mind and body to restore harmony, vitality and balance
  • give relief from stress related symptoms; migraines, back and neck pain, tight shoulders, digestive disorders, poor sleep patterns
  • ear infections, colic, traumatic birth
  • ease emotional trauma (past and present)
  • bring deep relaxation and rejuvenation

     Benefits of Live Harp Music
    Just as craniosacral therapy provides profound healing for both the body and mind research suggests that listening to live harp music can:

    • reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
    • balance blood pressure
    • decrease pain
    • promote feelings of wellbeing and joy
    • improve sleep

    What Happens During a Craniosacral and Live Harp Session?

    Both Caz and myself will both be there to warmly greet you on arrival at the cottage whereafter you will have a 10 minute, private one-to-one health history consultation with Caz. During this time you will also discuss your particular needs for the therapy session.After this, you will be gently encouraged to lay down on the therapy bed where Caz will ensure you are made as warm and comfortable as possible. Around the same time, and on hearing the chime of the Tibetan singing bowl, I will return to the room to play beautiful, relaxing harp - according to your individual needs - during the next 30 mins of the therapy. 
    The first part of the craniosacral therapy session begins by Caz making contact with your feet. Throughout the session, I will play soothing harp music as Caz carries out the treatment, making gentle contact with various parts of your body and head and finishing up at the feet. This unique therapy session then concludes with a private one to one discussion with Caz, during which you can share your experiences of the therapy.

     About Cranio Sacral Therapist Caz McDonagh

    Caz has been a holistic practitioner since 2010.  She lived in South-East Asia for a decade, where she began her training as a holistic practitioner and practiced there for many years.  She returned home to the UK in 2014 and did her diploma in craniosacral therapy and healing massage. Using a combination of Eastern philosophy alongside the Western approach to healing, her sessions are always bespoke; carefully tailored to the individual requirements of each client.

    Many people recovering from illness or disease find the craniosacral therapy sessions extremely supportive as part of their recovery programme.  Others experience symptoms of long and short term stress in their bodies and find the craniosacral therapy or healing massage deeply relaxing and therapeutic, enabling them to 'release some pressure' and 'let go'.  

    Additionally, most people, whether conscious or not, are harbouring stress to a certain degree.  Having a course of craniosacral therapy or regular healing massage can help eliminate patterns of holding in the mind and body, assist with acute or chronic pain and in turn, create new patterns that serve their health and wellbeing.

    Find out more about Caz on her website

    How to book

    This really is a totally unique and rejuvenating experience.  We'd love to share it with you!

    To book, prices on request, call Caz on 07477 473673